In the early 1980s, Steve Cassap, Ivan (Jive) Vojlay and Nick Loulatis (announcer) would form one of the earliest trick teams to perform shows and promote the Cassap brand. This riding style would become known as "Freestyle"and would explode in popularity over the coming years, another rider to join the team would be Andy Matherson, a master of flowing ground tricks.

"We were just kids on a crazy journey somewhere. We didn't know how long it would last and didn't care if we got paid or not. We just wanted to ride and have fun".
Steve Cassap. 

The team would perform shows throughout Australia and would appear in magazines and on television. Steve would feature on the covers of various magazines and would continue to promote his Cassap brand and his freestyle riding.

1982: Steve performed at the "Mooves/twisties international BMX Championships" at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion. He would meet with Ken Coster from Skyway USA who would offer him a sponsorship to ride the Skyway brand. 

1983: Steve would join the Haro team and travel to USA and stay with the legendary, rider Bob Haro (the biggest brand in freestyle at the time).

1984: Steve and Bob Haro would tour together performing shows across Australia. 

1987: Steve would move to GT Bicycles and tour with Martin Aparijo & Josh White performing shows throughout Australia, then tour the USA with "King of the skatepark" legend Eddie Fiola and Adam Jung. 

1993: Inducted BMX Victoria, Hall of fame. 

2009: Inducted into Bmxultra, Hall of Fame.